Discover the Atlantic Coast with French Dream Travel

With family or friends, the French coasts are destinations that are more than a dream. Children dream would especially enjoy the sun, sea and have a lot of memories and knowledge to tell them to friends once school starts. Adults are more difficult to meet, by against one thing is sure, they want peace. See the children play off for the parents, for a child without distractions group that raise adrenaline are best. In addition to beautiful scenery, all its activities are available on the French Atlantic coast.

Historical and cultural sites

The destinations on the Atlantic coast, it is not that lacking. For starters, in Cap Ferret, everyone can find the track that fits. The best in this area include the peninsula with its shelter for birds or visiting the lighthouse. All its distractions allow children and adults to enjoy the holidays. The walks between its sites may be cycling with roads that are not flooded by cars. In the Arcachon bassin offers all nature lovers. Shaped by the winds and tides, it has kept its authenticity. With a microclimate, its people are captivated by its beautiful landscape near Bordeaux and the Landes. Visitors especially enjoy the changing light of its waters.

An impressive environment

The nature lovers will appreciate the visit of Cap Ferret. Composed by several peninsulas, it provides access to several sites that contain endemic species of fauna and flora. The most visited is the site of birds and is home to several species of rare birds. With a relief more or less diverse vacation in this area will not only be great. Similarly to the Arcachon bassin, with a combined climate at an impressive location, this destination is particularly popular with lovers of the sea. Sea rides, bike rides on the edges of these are the various distractions available all this in the quiet and conviviality of a warm population.

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The beauty of Camargue

The beauty of Camargue
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