Discover the great french pastry

Whether St. Honore, Macarons, religious, Paris-Brest, lightning, the yarrow, opera, pie lemon meringue, strawberry, the tarete Tatin and others, France is far ahead of the world in the field of pastry. These cakes have been around for many years and are always improved by many pastry chefs in search of new flavors.

A history dating back to the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages we began to distinguish between a simple and a pastry chef. The cakes were then become true food festivals. Whether pancakes, croissants, flans, blancmange, all taste buds are fully met. Although exercise pastry has become increasingly popular over the years mainly by the appearance of the first ice cream and choux pastry created by Popelini by the huge buffets of course at Versailles, the creation of the Chantilly cream and other French pastry is best known its golden age in the nineteenth century. All meals are then completed by the famous thousand-leaves, profiteroles, these meringues, these donuts, etc. Indisputable desserts at the time but until today.

A time course

French pastry does not cease to experience a great evolution in particular by new trends recently created as the icy light logs, religious and other violets. Indeed, although the classic pastry then up back in the corner pastry, pastry each bring their secret ingredients. They revisit and even in creating new pastries to satisfy even the taste buds of gourmets.

If you have the chance to spend a holiday in France, so do not miss to take a ride in the best pastries in the area to taste the best French pastries. For example you can take a ride to the Pâtisserie de rêves, to the Des gâteaux et du pain, to Sébastien Gaudard, to Sève, to the Douceurs de Louise or the pâtisserie Intuitions. These promise you typically French pastries ranging from the classics to modern.

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