Come discover the waters of the Similan Islands

The world is full of magical places and there are many places whose beauty deserves to be contemplated. The sea is a space that nature has particularly spoiled and in which it has hidden its mystery with another world as magnificent as on land. The Similan Islands are part of these magical places with perfect territorial waters and seas.

About Similan

The Similan archipelago is located a few kilometers from the Thai coast. It is made up of a group of nine islands mainly made of granites and covered by abundant vegetation. Bathed in the Andaman Sea, a turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, the archipelago and its surroundings offer a stunning spectacle. The small islands of the archipelago are bordered by white sandy beaches that result from the activities of the underwater fauna with the crustaceans and the fishes that are almost on the surface. In effect, these animals reject most of the sand on the seashore. It is the ideal place to do aquatic activities, especially those related to ecotourism. Indeed, the archipelago has enjoyed a privileged and protective status of National Marine Park in the Thailand region since 1982. If industrial activities and all other motorized are prohibited on these waters, Similan is on the contrary famous for diving. It is also the activity that the administration of the island tries to promote with water tourism.

Diving in Similan

If ecotourism is the main theme on this side of the globe, the archipelago does not prevent adventurers and visitors from discovering its seabed by doing the similan diving. This island is known to divers, indeed, the islands of the archipelago constitute the best diving spots of the whole earth. The sea water is clear and crystalline enough to make fantasm the admirers of the seabed. These squares are part of the most wonderful sites in the world and it is little to say because the environment and the panorama are simply celestial. It is also the rendezvous point of admirers of nature and the sea. The archipelago shows them of all colors.

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