The Cap Ferret, the best for a quite wild and secure holiday

Cap Ferret is a French cap forming a barrier beach at the southern end of the peninsula of Lege-Cap-Ferret in the Gironde. It separates the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Arcachon. It is an ideal both wild and secure site for a dream vacation in one of the most beautiful French natural area.

What to do in Cap Ferret and visit?

For those looking to discover the peninsula of Lege Cap Ferret here are some must-do in the order you want:

- Getting around by bike to take the time: whatever the season it is the best way to go at your own pace from the dock at Pointe through the Conche and the ocean.
La Conche Mimbeau is a natural sand dike that separates the Bay of Arcachon to the Cap Ferret. This lagoon near the Cap Ferret lighthouse just before Pointe is accessible at high tide.This small narrow peninsula is a very nice kind of place and enjoyed by nature lovers and walks. You can admire the birds and the small fishing boats named "pinasses". It protects the oyster village of Cap Ferret
- Admire also the old villas like Marie Jeanne. Todo also take the bike path that goes into the forest to the Truc Vert. In general take time on foot or by bike, Cap Ferret is like oysters, this is savored slowly !
- Fit the Lighthouse of Cap Ferret: Eiffel Tower of Arcachon with its 258 steps, the lighthouse offers up a fantastic view of the entire peninsula of Cap Ferret and the entire Bay of Arcachon. Do not forget the new museum and shop.
- Discover the ocean in all its facets: whether in summer or winter, the ocean is still magical. So enjoy the waves by diving in, watching or surfing. Lie hours in the sun, on the beautiful sandy beach. Set during your vacation at least a sunset and early morning, enough to take images in the head for the whole year.

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