Best vineyards in France

You should know that the trip, even if it's a passion, can also have a passionate purpose. As the trip to visit the vineyards, for example, will present much deeper attractions that travel as a passion for wine and the same vineyard of history will be part of the travel benefits. Of course, when talking about wine, France is still in the middle of the subjects as history itself is rich in wine. It will be interesting to know everything about the French wine to fully apprehend.

The history of wine in France

You should know that a wild vine was raging on the future Gaul from the year -600. Of course, the Celts who lived in this area at the time were using this vine, but not necessarily for the purpose of making wine. You should know that the Celts were mostly followers of the beer. It is almost 40 years after the Greeks arrived to create the city of Massalia that the vine has grown considerably in France. You should know that this nation was master in viticulture and commerce, which greatly contributed to the evolution of the vine. And it is -125 conquérirent that Roman Gaul and it developed especially vines. Thus the famous French wine born to become what millesime it is currently.

The best vineyards

For an excellent luxury wine tourism in france, it will be good to know the best sites to take advantage of each specificity. You should know that France is full of good wine, but that list will be established to identify well. Above all, there is the Alsace which has renowned vineyards situated between the Vosges massif and the Alsace plain. Then we will go to Armagnac which is just as famous. Of course, Banyuls offer renowned wines to the Côte Vermeille. There are also twelve Beaujolais whose names are famous. It will also be passed by Bellet which is one of the oldest vineyards in France. Bergerac and Bordeaux are also places known with exquisite wine. Producing AOC white, rosé and red, Bugey will be the best destination. Buzet and Cahors and Chablis will also be in order if we really want to enjoy the vineyards of France.

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