South of France boat rentals with Samboat is a web platform available in France and all over Europe. Active since March 2014, it now offers more than 25,000 boats. It allows travelers to cross the seas and oceans aboard ships of all kinds. Customers are put in touch directly with the owners of the boats. They agree together all rental conditions, destinations to visit, activities that can be done in the open sea, the length of stay at sea etc. If you want to visit Marseille by boat or to make Marseille a starting point, you can find a boat owner to rent.

Why choose Marseille for a boat trip?

Marseille or the Phocaean city has always been one of the most famous port cities in Europe. It has one of the largest ports in the country and the entire continent. Choosing a boat rental marseille allows you to enjoy a getaway in a renowned locality. It also allows to visit a considerable historic city. You can linger on the marine waters of Marseille and admire the city from the sea. You can find a quiet place to rest in the open sea or a spot for water activities. And as already said, we can make the port of Marseille a starting point for the great adventure.

Where to go from Marseille?

If you take a boat through the site that does not mean that we are obliged to stay in the vicinity of Marseille. On the contrary, you can go where you want from the port of this big city. It is possible to go up the big blue and to visit all the islands that are in the area. It is also possible to descend and follow the shore to the Pyrenees. If you rent a boat made for the tour of the world, you can go to discover several other countries in the world from the port of Marseille. Before leaving the city, it is better just to prepare.

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