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The West Indies archipelago is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations of tourists in the world, wanting to enjoy the pleasures of the tropical islands. These last numerous and magnificent offer sunny beaches and warm azure waters, surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Then opt for saint barths vacations.

Martinique: the island offering the best rum in the world

During a trip to the Caribbean, make a trip to Martinique to taste the agricultural rums. These are the only ones in the world to benefit from an AOC, or Denomination of Controlled Origin. Visit the island's distilleries and sample the many local rums. In addition, if you want to get away from the beautiful beaches, climb the mountain Pelee. Many hiking trails have been developed and will give you the opportunity to admire the panorama, breathing the sweet smell of sugar cane and banana trees.

United States Virgin Islands National Park

This national park, created in 1956, covers about two-thirds of the island of Saint John, including over 3,000 hectares of protected seabed. Its land and marine part will allow you to enjoy several activities. For example, the hiking trails will lead you through a lush jungle to discover wildlife (iguanas, green iguanas, geckos, turtles, wild donkeys, etc.) and flora. There are also many spots to snorkel and admire the seabed in ideal conditions.

Aruba the small island of the Antilles

Although it extends over an area of 193 km², Aruba is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. Its warm climate is perfect for tourists wanting to bask in the sun on its sandy beaches. Another of its strengths is that it is an easy destination to reach because it is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

To Conclude, beautiful places await you on the islands of the West Indies. So book your villa and share some magical moments with your loved ones.

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