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A river cruise on a houseboat is a nice way to meet one-on-one couple, or so, this may be the opportunity to have a good time with family or friends. Children quickly find their place and will be happy to take the helm of the boat. It's a great experience to share.

A journey through time

The Romans also marked the history of Sardinia and built cities, including the best-preserved remains of Nora near Cagliari. The Phoenicians, meanwhile, have left their mark at Tharros. Later, in the Middle Ages, the Sardinians built walled cities to protect their island. These Cagliari, Oristano and Bosa are beautiful. At the same time to get satisfaction in front of this beautiful Romanesque churches were built not far from Sassari, whose black granite church of Santa Maria del Regno. The story continues in the 19th century with the exploitation of minerals, as evidenced mines Montevecchio, which you can visit the 16 underground levels.

A boat rental in Sardinia

You will ride along an exclusive coast, dotted with hotels and luxury villas, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Take a look at one of the exhibitions Museum ballad on the harbor promenade and seduced this boat hire sardinia natural landscapes for your best pictures. Enjoy a little walking tour in Porto Cervo and “La Piazzetta”, characterized by cafes and shops. You could also go shopping or sit in one of the panoramic bars on the old port where are the large luxury yachts, boat kind of pleasure. Not forgetting to admire from the Stella Maris church the magnificent view of the new port and the Yachting Club Costa Smeralda.It is also the century of Italian unification, led among others by Giuseppe Garibaldi, you visit the house and tomb in Caprera.

To discover the culture of the Sardinian shepherds, nothing like admiring the painted houses Orgosolo and Vilamar. This feeling gets so easy when you choose a trip on boat.

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