Living the dream of a yacht charter in Ibiza

Looking for a sunny and lively holiday in Ibiza? Here are the tips and good plans of our experts to visit this sparkling and festive island at the right time with a yacht charter ibiza, take advantage and paying less! An island to visit in winter also to discover its charm well sheltered from the heart-felt evenings of summer!

Choose the best season to Ibiza

The weather is Mediterranean, with very hot (sometimes suffocating) summers, mild and slightly rainy winters and stunning, often sunny intersections. We can therefore go all year in Ibiza: in the full summer for its loaded festive atmosphere and warmth, but even in the winter, to enjoy calmness, the softness of traditionally Mediterranean life and beautiful foliage. Interseasons are ideal in every respect: it's good, sometimes even hotter, there are less crowds ...

What sort of accommodation at the best value for money?

Thanks to the room rate prices, choosing a "bus + hotel" packed stay with a tour-operator is always the best choice in terms of budget whether you're traveling with a couple or with your kids. A hotel week to the month of April may easily cost €500 and if you add transport, boarding, spending on site, the budget can quickly burst! There are plenty of web tour operators' offers with varying sets of services, usually 3 or 4 * for breakfast or half board.

The renting of houses, condos, villas, houses

There are several different hotels and apartment houses with swimming pool, accommodation to rent at night as well as more affordable hostels ... The standing is unpredictable, costs even at the moment! It is hard to find deals at – from 70 €per night, at intersections and arrange them depart quickly, even in April or October! Budget: in April, you will have to pay 50 to 100 €per night for a well-established studio in residence and 150 to 300 €for a higher standing. For villas, it will require 3/400 to + 1500 €per night according to capacity and standing.

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