Exploring the secret perks of Ibiza

Discover Cove Salada and Saladeta

Without a doubt one of the top beaches in Ibiza to approach on a boat hire ibiza is Cala Salada, to the west of the island. It lies between pines and the waters are a simply beautiful turquoise.

With its little space of golden sand, the Salada cove is never crowded, but many private boat owners decide to anchor there. For this reason and because of its surroundings, surrounded by rocks and pines, it is one of the best beaches in Ibiza. Its shallow and completely transparent waters give the sensation of being in a swimming pool, and if you do want a little more privacy, you can walk to its neighboring cove Saladeta. This small cove doesn’t have much room to put the towel on the sand, but many make their own spot on the rocks and take the opportunity to jump into the water from them as well. Be careful when jumping, we want you to come back from Ibiza safe !

Cove d’Hort

Cala d’Hort is an obligatory stop when visiting the islet of Es Vedrà. If you have opted for boat hire in Ibiza, we recommend that you visit this beach to have a unique visit of this rock. In addition, the water here is beautiful and transparent, and the sand is fine and pleasant. Many locals and visitors agree that Cala d’Hort is one of the best coves in Ibiza. Situated in the heart of the nature reserve, this beach boasts the best views of the islets of Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell. The beach is not very large (it is about 150 metres long) and is often visited by families on weekends, but it is still a quiet place to enjoy the turquoise sea that surrounds Ibiza. The typically Mediterranean landscape also accompanies it, with pines and low vegetation until the sand. Cala Bassa is surrounded by a dense pine forest ideal for those who prefer to take shelter in its cool shade. This beautiful natural landscape is compatible with the numerous restaurants and services that can be enjoyed in the area. It is very beautiful and stands out for its calm and crystalline waters of little depth. This cove of Ibiza transmits a lot of calm due to its amplitude and more open space than other coves and beaches in Ibiza.

South of France boat rentals with Samboat

samboat.com is a web platform available in France and all over Europe. Active since March 2014, it now offers more than 25,000 boats. It allows travelers to cross the seas and oceans aboard ships of all kinds. Customers are put in touch directly with the owners of the boats. They agree together all rental conditions, destinations to visit, activities that can be done in the open sea, the length of stay at sea etc. If you want to visit Marseille by boat or to make Marseille a starting point, you [...]

Renting your holiday accomodation in St Barts

Renting your holiday accomodation in St Barts
Accommodation in Saint-Barts guarantees visitors an unforgettable stay. They stand out for their warmth and the comfort they provide.Indeed, Saint-Barth abounds in a diversity of accommodation. It is easy to find good rental accommodation at low prices in Saint-Barth. There are magnificent, superbly equipped villas.But the ideal for the holidays would be to opt for the high-end services of 4-star hotels. Saint-Barth hotels have advantageous rates and special offers with the (villa st barts rental) [...]

Alquiler de barcos entre particulares

Además de compartir apartamentos como Abritel o Airbnb y de compartir el coche, actualmente se comparte el barco. Se trata del alquiler de barcos entre particulares como el alquiler de barcos la ciotat. Según Samboat, este sector se encuentra actualmente en dificultades debido a la crisis. Sin embargo, según él, probablemente será un área muy interesante para la inversión dentro de unos años. Problemas en el (alquiler de veleros) [...]

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