Our journey, in vineyards...

And if you change this time and try to enjoy a ride in the famous vineyards of Bordeaux. It's possible, and it is also our job to make you discover this new way of sightseeing. You will be able to taste a new side of France with its vineyards and very famous and fine wines.

What is the tour?

The trip in the vineyards is based on a special request of customers who wanted to find out how to spend the different culture process vineyards to tasting. From there came the idea to optimize these places, besides being the vineyards fields also become exceptional and unusual sights. You will then visit each of the existing vineyards in each region, at least those that have been provided in your circuit. These areas of French luxury are a true legacy for the producers and for the entire country. It is then possible to know everything about the different wines and different productions during your wine. Thus, visitors will be able to enter the heart of the great French vineyards and know the secrets of these mythical bottles that you love so much.

What to do?

State travel French vines, all that was attractive to wine you will be shown during guided tours. For enthusiasts, come and experience and experience live the variety and maintenance of vineyards. You'll find all the stories of these vineyards are mostly family heirlooms and you'll learn more about this brandy. Meet the owners and producers and taste these wines to great wines which are an asset for France. Otherwise, you can and should also taste the different regional specialties. Including appetizers with wine and cheese, produce, or a good cooking of French gastronomy with the main component of cooking wine. Be part of the privileged classes and allow yourself to this exceptional and unique journey. You can come to these visits with family or friends or as part of professional outings and team-building.

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