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e-Travelnews is a luxury, bespoke travel agency, 100% French.

Inspired by French’ rich heritage and fashion chic, all e-TravelNews are created with sense of luxury and originality in Paris and unique renowned regions .
Find anything you need in the City of Light, heart of French culture, epicentre of fashion and the city where everything is possible… Sensation with helicopter tour and its breathtaking view of Paris from above, romtism visiting the most famous monuments by Rolls Royce.
Discover our cultural heritage through the most famous monuments : The Louvre Museum, The Eiffel Tower, Opéra Garnier, Notre Dame de Paris, Château of Versailles etc.
Experience french gastronomy and wine with the very best of Michelin star restaurants. We can arrange to have a picnic basket prepared by a French chief before you embark on your tour of Paris’ shops, museums and galleries.
For haute couture , e-Travel propose in exclusivity VIP entrance at the fashion week , luxury shopping particularly the Champs Elysées ( Louis Vuitton), the Avenue Montaigne (Dior, Ungaro, Nina Ricci) or the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore (Lanvin, Louis Ferraud, Hermes), The Place Vendome is home to more fine jewelers, including Cartier, Boucheron.


Discover the Wine Capital of the World and its vineyards. Bordeaux is a city of Art and History, with a rich architectural and cultural heritage.

A fine blend of splendid architectural features, cultural influence, vineyards of worldwide fame, quality gastronomy and mild weather draws about 3 million visitors every year in Bordeaux. Bordeaux has been ardently carrying on with its unique lifestyle and the city’s exceptional development has left it unchanged.

High standard is also the rule in the plate, celebrating seafood and local food traditions: lamprey, elver, Arcachon oysters, Gironde caviar, eel, Médoc prawns, Bazas beef, Pauillac lamb, foie gras with truffle, porcini. Not to forget a nice range of cakes and sweets with evocative names: canelés, Cap Ferret’s Dunes blanches, Médoc’s Sarments and Noisettines, Blaye’s Praslines, Estuary’s Croquants... a real feast of flavours expressing on every dining table, from local to starred restaurants to must-visit wine bars.


Make your own wine in a workshop…all the secrets of blendin and wine-tasting handed to you by the cellar master. A master class !


There are four types of tour for you to choose, from the wine storehouses to the fermenting room and cellar, all followed by a guided wine-tasting session.

As a couple or with friends, for an unforgettable evening, with a candle-lit dinner in the château dining-room and a night in the periodsuites. Just for you !


Explore the region’s small country lanes in a Rolls Royce, fly over the vineyards in a helicopter or sail up the river in a Hacker Craft : unforgettable !
Also, Experience DETOX & SPA in the heart of Smith haut lafitte Vineyard…


A typicall village listed at UNESCO world heritage site since 1999 is as well reknowned for its wines as for its medieval village and its underground churches. Located on the right bank of the Dordogne river, the thousand year old vineyards of the region of Saint-Emilion can boast a worldwide reputation.

A unique and harmonious creation of both nature and mankind, the Saint-Émilion landscape bears witness to centuries of history. According to UNESCO, "the Jurisdiction of Saint-Émilion is an outstanding example of an historic vineyard landscape that has survived intact and in activity to the present day."

Have fun with your family through a biking castle tour, in Harley Davidson with your friend or a Rols Royce tout with your lover !

Enjoy a masterclass of a gastronomy and cooking lesson... some of all our discovery activities through the magical vineyard landsacpe.


A boat tour of the Basin, gateway to the Ocean, in a wooden pinasse, a traditional Arcachon boat, exploring the Banc d’Arguin nature reserve and sampling a few oysters, and climb the Pyla Dune, the highest one of Europe !

The Arcachon Bay and the River Leyre Valley are home to numerous treasures of nature. The patchwork of landscapes reflects the meeting and blend of fresh and saltwater, land and sea, plant life and sand.

You can experience and explore the nature and human history through our discovery activities - either on foot, by bike, by boat or kayak - aim to minimize their impacts on nature with the same desire to protect the local heritage and increase everyone awareness.

From the Arguin sandbanks nature reserve to the Certes estate "Domaine de Certes", from the Teich bird sanctuary to the "Landes de Gascogne" lagoons, these little-known or more renowned sites share the same challenges of the fragility and protection of their remarkable biodiversity.


In the heart of the Basque country, right at a cultural crossroads, Biarritz is an exceptional destination. Biarritz with its sandy beaches and one of the best surf spots is known as the « European Capital of Surf ». People now comes from all around the world to enjoy an authentic mix between Californian and French lifestyle. Also, The region offers 11 beautiful golf courses one of which « Le Phare », twinned with Augusta GA, USA : A spectacular set of both Atlantic Ocean and green mountains, between heritage and History …

The villages, substantially unchanged in centuries, all possess a church, a fronton, where the sport of pelote is played, houses with red and green shutters (the Basque colours) and each boasts a restaurant serving Basque cuisine. The drive between Oloron-Sainte-Marie and the mediaeval town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Southwest of France. The town of Espelette, famous for its red peppers, holds a “red pepper festival” every summer. In nearby Bayonne the annual fête (see left), held over the first weekend in August, attracts thousands of red-scarved festival-goers for three days of lively, bibulous activity.

Just across the border lie the Spanish-Basque towns of Pamplona, San Sebastian bay and Bilbao with the Gugenheim Museum pearls of the Spanish Basque country. The culture and language span the border and offer visitors a wealth of natural and man-made beauty on either side.


Located at the heart of an area exceptionally rich in heritage with the major Loire Valley castles all close by and great vineyards like Vouvray, the city of Tours delight travellers from around the world with its medieval center and also in summer with de possibility to board for a pleasant boat trip from the riverside cafe!

Attractions in Tours include the well-preserved historic centre (the place Plumereau is the best place in France to take the aperitif, according to the Lonely Planet guide!), the fine arts museum with its splendid collection, a magnificent cathedral and the basilica that houses the tomb of Saint Martin, superb city parks and gardens, shopping areas, the flavours of the daily markets, covered markets and the flea market, the vivacious gastronomy, a lively guinguette café during the warm season... in short, great experiences are awaiting you in Tours!


Have you ever dreamed of having your wedding ceremony and reception in an elegant private Castle and garden in Bordeaux or The Basque Counrty ? Now with e-Travel, your wishes can be fulfilled.

Enjoy a romantic dinner in the private dining room of the castle and…at night…only for you a spectacular scenic over the French garden for an unforgettable wedding experience

We propose different places with glamourous and romantic setting: The Basque Country Castles will create unforgettable memories...

Our 15 years experience photographer is the perfect expert : He is specialised in portrait and weddings, spent 15 years in UK as a photographer and came back to France in 2013 to set up his business in Biarritz.

Driving an old classic car is an experience that transports you through the dimensions of space and time. We offer you a unique service, with or without a driver, so that you can enhance that special moment and make it truly memorable!
Take to the wheel of an extraordinary car, for timeless travels.

You can arrive at the castle by helicopter after 15 minutes with sky view over the basque country … welcome by the Marquis…

Exclusive VIP service from the hotel or airport to the Castle and welcome by the Marquis… then to the Basque country places shooting (Typical villages, Ocean View …)

French style carriage with horse through a typical Basque village to the Castle and welcome by the Marquis…


COURCHEVEL 1850, the most exclusive ski resort in Europe.

Enjoy your best s experience in the world’s prestigious ski resort of the French Alps !

Courchevel 1850 is the ski resort of Courchevel at higher altitudes (between 1750 and 1900 meters above sea level). Is the furthest point famous, exclusive, luxurious and privileged of all. Is the place where everyone wants to "see and be seen". The most attractive place of The Three Valleys, with its ski lifts system considered as the best in Europe.

Also, Courchevel 1850 is very famous for its internationally renowned boutiques and very unique signatures. Many tourists travel to Courchevel just to walk through the shops and have a holiday dedicated to haute couture shopping. As everyone knows, France is the creator and pioneer of the fashion world, a guide to follow on royalties of glamor and beauty image. Over the years Courchevel has become a key point for French coutureat the level of Paris or Cannes. Find brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Valentino, Prada, Zilli, Chanel among others. Click on the following link for a list of all the shops, boutiques and shops in the area.

Courchevel is not only skiing. Being located in the largest ski area in the world (over 600 km) offers endless possibilities for outdoor activities, winter and snow activities. Dog sledding (mushing), rent snowmobiles, quads, tours, excursions, hiking, heli-skiing, luge, hot air ballooning, paragliding, ice skating, helicopter rides, and many more activities to discover in this exclusive destination !


A PARADISE EXPERIENCE in one of the most beautiful island of the world with its blue lagoon listed at UNESCO…

Welcome to New Caledonia, a unique blend of picturesque landscapes, French sophistication and warm Pacific island ambience.
A faraway land of contrasts and authenticity, New Caledonia is an atypical, multi-faceted destination with remarkably diverse landscapes.

Dazzling-yes, New Caledonia is dazzling. Its lagoon surrounds it with every color of blue. So the light and the space delight your senses. The 2008 prestigious listing of the lagoon as a world heritage site has brought the people together to celebrate and protect it.

Paradisiac experience with your family or others !

Snorkling or diving with turtles, sailing on the pine island lagoon, flying over a breathtaking landscape, golf exclusively, surf, paddle… some of all incredible activities you will enjoy with your family or lover…

Paradisiac wedding

New Caledonie wedding / honeymoon combinations are the perfect climax for a romantic holiday. Wedding ceremonies and reaffirmation of vows in the french tradition are romantic, fun and exotic display of love and affection.

You will find yourself in a mix of luxury and exquisite delight, whether you are travelling alone, in a couple, with your family or friends, for holidays, business, or a special event like a romantic wedding, our experts will take care of you in order that you can live ... e-TravelNews

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