Bordeaux opens the Wine City !

Wine enthusiasts have dreamed of vintages for generations. This passion has given to innovations in the field of wine until the opening of the wine town which will be located on Bordeaux. This city is a perfect attraction for enthusiasts and wine lovers, but not only, as reflected in both the history and knowledge of the culture of wine.

A city and wine

Bordeaux is a tourist town, but not only, as it also houses a passion that has stood out. When we talk about bordeaux tourism now, as we will refer to this city of wine. The city of wine is especially a site offering leisure and culture of wine. This will unleash enthusiasts with an approach that is both immersive and sensory and also all in a suggestive architectural setting. The wine imbue it with its rich history throughout the ages and civilizations. So this city is a must where the wine will be, to live and visit. You should also know that the foundation for the culture and civilizations of wine is one that operates this city.

What we find there

The city of Bordeaux wine is a unique museum with an approach devoid of the classic mode. You should know that the city has no permanent collection, but most offer a free visit with a tour featuring 20 themed areas. This insofar tell all the history and culture of wine. The last stage of this visit will bring even the gazebo for all to taste the wine of the world. Of development projects are already underway to better delivery namely two major art exhibits that will be introduced in 2017. Of course, being a museum, the city will offer a permanent exhibition where all the wine will be unveiled. If you are then a fan of wine, do not hesitate to visit Bordeaux and taste the best wines from all the Bordeaux region from the cheap wine with great wines.

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