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Whether you are a lover of art, archeology, history, music, sports, cooking, culture, traditions ... You are in the right place. French Dream Travel will accompany you throughout your stay and give you the opportunity to visit the city of love otherwise away from mass tourism. Indeed, we offer many theme trips as you like to bring you great satisfaction and allow you to make the most of your stay.

For you ladies, you can enjoy a holiday which combines relaxation and fitness in luxury spas and prestigious to make you live a unique experience. Gentlemen, you have the choice between surfing and golf, skiing, adventure, etc. For a family trip, we offer numerous activities that will further favor your moments of laughter with friends and family. Young and old will not risk so bored.

If you are a couple or married, we can offer you a trip to the Loire castle to discover all his deepest secrets, or a romantic and pleasant ride to the castle of Arcangues. We can also assist you in every step while giving you many tips to make the best day of your life, a beautiful princess wedding. After all, who does not dream of getting married in a castle or to spend a few days for her honeymoon there? Why not a campaign trip with a Rolls Royce?

For lovers of wine and gastronomy, we offer you the opportunity to discover the best wines from all over France thanks to an exclusive stay. You can visit the largest vineyards throughout France, from seeking culinary specialties that make its worldwide fame. And this without having to run after the watch. You can actually travel at your own pace and according to your budget.

If you come with friends, you can go around all the trendy places in the country by combining the pleasure to relax and making up the festivities. Places that are favorable to meet new people and give you wonderful memories. At the appointment, shopping, discoveries, outings ...

Our magazine to stay connected

French Dream Travel reveals to you all the secrets of travel, art, culture, fashion week, gastronomy or wine in his magazine. The latter has been especially designed to allow you to escape without you leaving home, in remote areas of France or not. Bordeaux, the Basque Country, New Caledonia, Paris and other destinations that are definitely worth a visit. You can, for example, find news about the reopening of Cartier in the Champs Elysees, news on Bordeaux on its civilization and of course on wine that is deemed to be a good companion French dishes, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Dominique the castle and its vineyards, the new Jeff Koons, the famous billionaire Clenching of Contemporary Art and others.

Renowned cities of the visit :

Paris, the City of Light

Welcome to the City of Light, where romance is always here, where art and culture meet, where you will find the achievements of the greatest artists of the world, the clothes or items of the greatest dressmaker, where everything is possible. We take you in the heart of Paris in search of the most unusual places in the most prestigious whether by air, land or sea. Experience the history of the capital with its most famous monuments and buildings such as the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame de Paris, Opera Garnier, Versailles or the Eiffel Tower and others.

Immerse yourself in French cuisine with our chef French chef and his delicious dishes. He will prepare you a nice picnic basket for you to make the most of typically French delicacies during your visit.

Who does not dream of a stay in Paris at least once in his life? With French Dream Travel, you'll be able to fulfill your wish in no time. Whether for a weekend or several days, we will take you to visit the most beautiful city in the world starting with a tour of horizons of the most famous monuments of the capital from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame through Arc of triumph. Dare a ride in the great museums of the Louvre at the Cité des Sciences. Paris is also the fashion. With us, you'll get to explore the temples of Parisian fashion most of which are aged about 150 years. We will ship in a getaway in the secret passages of the whole city going from Cairo to the Galerie Vivienne not forget to play the pass walls of the capital and to pass through its buildings. To keep the best memories of your stay, we will recommend a dinner cruise aboard a boat on the Seine, swim in the pool Josephine Baker, to tour the cemetery Pere Lachaise, to walk on the Isle of City, take a short walk in the Pigalle area before rebounding directly to Sacrée Coeur, eating an ice Bertillon at Saint-Louis island, a tour of the food market, strolling in the streets of Marais, take a ride to the Bastille Bar, the Place Vendome, the Avenue Montaigne or to Faubourg Saint-Honoré, etc.

The famous castles of the Loire

If there is a passage that should absolutely not miss during his stay in Paris, it is well the castles of the Loire. Just a few hours from the French capital are these prestigious buildings dating back to the Renaissance. These vestiges of aristocratic are among the most appreciated by fans of architecture and history. Indeed, they have a large architectural will of the kings of France. French Dream Travel offers several tours and a variety of tours of all these castles for a day or several days. Note that the area is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A treasure to discover. You will then have the privilege of discovering the famous castle of Amboise, Villandry Gardens, Castle Tower, Chenonceau castle, that of Chambord, Cheverny or Tower. You will have the privilege of priority access to castles with us. Enjoy also your stay to taste the wines of the Loire.

Bordeaux, the world capital of wine

Bordeaux is the world capital for wine. Very rich cultural and architectural heritage, the city welcomes you in a dream setting. Aside from its great vineyards, Bordeaux is also full of many essential places that absolutely worth a visit. French Dream Travel will accompany you throughout your visit to guide you and make you spend unforgettable moments. Discover the water mirror with family, friends or lovers. A trip to Basilique Saint-Michel and its Gothic style, the Saint-André Cathedral is part of the greatest masterpiece of the entire city of Bordeaux, the Esplanade des Quinconces with two rostral columns at great Theatre of Bordeaux and its long peristyle supported by Corinthian columns, the big bell at the door of Saint-Eloi, which is the remnant of the second enclosure of the city, city Hall or at the Palais Rohan and its beautiful architectural example, the monument to the Girondins and to the Republic, a true masterpiece of style fireman who is also the symbol of the triumph of the Republic, instead of the Exchange, the Stone Bridge, the Tower Pey-Berland with his famous arrow and others. We will take you in the Golden Triangle which is bounded by the course Georges-Clemenceau. It deserves a visit by its majestic architecture and its many elegant shops. A ride to St. Pierre, the famous tourist district of the city is as indispensable as the discovery of the golden stone buildings along the waterfront and the CAPC or Plastic Contemporary Art Center of Bordeaux. Public Garden with its large terraces, colonnades, botanical gardens but also its waterways also guarantees you a great feeling of well-being and relaxation. And why not to visit to the submarine base?

Courchevel and countless activities

If you're a fan of skiing, French Dream Travel will take you into the heart of the best ski resort in all of France over five altitudes with more levels and giving you the opportunity to enjoy a unique panorama of its kind. You will go directly to the ski paradise. The first level is at 1100m altitude. This is Saint Bon, the birthplace of Courchevel. You can go there via free shuttle buses that run every twenty minutes until the heart of the ski area. In return, you can follow the red trail. Then comes Courchevel 1300, the small village, Le Praz. This traditional village allows you to enjoy an incredible cachet. It is totally alive throughout the year. This is also the stronghold of ski jumping. If you're a fan of skiing, you can enjoy thanks to its direct connection to Courchevel 1850. Next comes Courchevel 1550 with a large young mind. This level is usually turned towards families and offers a very good relationship between quality and price.

Courchevel 1650 is the next, in a sunny area on a relief recessed balcony. It brings together the green and blue runs. This is why it is also very popular with families. Finally, there is the famous Courchevel 1850 is the real jewel of the three valleys on the floor of superlatives. It is the origin of the world famous Courchevel itself. It also houses many shops where you is quite possible to buy small memories for your return. Note that Courchevel also allows you to enjoy many other outdoor activities like mushing, hiking quads, snowmobiles, excursions, heli-skiing, tobogganing, paragliding, ballooning, ice skating, the airlines and other rides.

New Caledonia

Right in the heart of the South Pacific, New Caledonia is one of the most appreciated by tourists destinations including through its lush, vast plains, its beautiful bays, its mountain range, its high cliffs, the diversity of its landscape and other. With the largest lagoon in the world in shades of blue with an impressive flora and fauna.

Discover the best starting from Noumea, a cosmopolitan capital. The Prony Bay is the right place to watch humpback whales. You can also discover the Isle of Pines lagoon with its World Heritage of UNESCO, Lifou and coral plateau covered with forests, Mare for its New Caledonian culture and Ouvea for its beautiful beaches with fine sand. Many activities await for you to spend an unforgettable stay.

Discover the Basque Country

If you want to spend an authentic stay in the heart of the Basque country and want to make the most, trust the professionals in the field as French Dream Travel. We have prepared for you several lists entirely exclusive itineraries tailored to your needs allowing you to discover otherwise the country. Let yourself be then embedded to an extraordinary adventure to discover the Basque Country and its must include the Coast and its beautiful beaches with a succession of cliffs, coves and bays extending over an area of ​​150 km. Ideal for the practice of different activities like surfing, diving without forgetting seafood restaurants. There is also the Pyrenees that have exceptional and rare beauty guaranteeing you a change of scenery. You will also have the opportunity to discover these charming villages nestled at the foot of the mountains as Espelette or on the slopes, in the middle of nowhere so you can enjoy a banal stop during your trip or your ride. It won't impossible for you to fall in love with the city of San Sebastian and enjoy your stay, discover the Choncha during a ride, City Hall, the Palace of Miramar, old neighborhoods, not to mention the many concerts, festivals, animation, pintxos bars, and of course his famous gorgeous beaches nestled in the heart of the city. Biarritz also awaits you with its famous beach resort that is the most popular on the Basque Coast. Elegant and with a rich aristocratic past, Biarritz, offers a totally romantic landscape. At the appointment, the Art Deco casino, villages Belle Époque, the hotel palace, the beautiful beaches, sunbathing, the Atlantic rollers, etc.

There is also Bilbao and its prestigious architectural creations, Onati and its exceptional architectural heritage, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and its seaside resort, the ways of Saint-Jacques, Bayonne and its festivals, Navarre monasteries, Pau, the train of Artouste and others. What beautiful discoveries during an authentic visit to the country by French Dream Travel.

Now, traveling at your own pace while fully controlling your budget thanks to Us !

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