The great waves of the Basque Country

When we speak of the Basque Country and particularly of Biarritz and its surroundings, we immediately have surfing in mind. Being one of the most emblematic entertainment of this territory, surfing is at the heart of various activities related to tourism. Indeed, if several people from this region work around this distraction and which is at the same time a sport of extreme slide, it is because several holidaymakers also come there to discover, test or replay with its great waves.

The advantages of the Basque Country compared to other surfing areas

Admittedly, the Basque Country is not the only place in the world that has surf spots. But it is the best for France in particular. This already makes this region a reputed place in the world. In addition, there is a bit of everything for surfing: a biarritz surf board rental and complete equipment for the activity, experienced and qualified instructors, professional restaurateurs when it comes to hunger after long days of Surfing and many more.

In addition, waves in several areas of the Basque Country are also perfect for surfing at any season.

Crafts around the surf

Surfing is not just a sport of sliding on the water. It is also a financial resource and a livelihood for many Basques. Many of them are turning their business around this practice. Some have opened surf clubs that rent boards and equipment related to this sport. Others have received training to become professional instructors and have in turn opened surf schools. They learn to ride on a board to all the people who are at their first experience. They also provide refresher training to those who have already practiced the sport. There are also restaurateurs who supply the surfers and the various wellness salons that give relaxation sessions to the followers of this extreme sport when they are tired.

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