The European capital of surfing

Are you adept at extreme sports and activities that provide you with great sensations and a good adrenaline rush? Do you like traveling but for this year you do not really want to leave the country? Do not look far, know that in the Basque Country you can make visits and at the same time savor the taste of adventure in a world-famous among the best.

Best of France and not that ...

Biarritz Beach is the best among the surf resorts in town in France. This has ensured that biarritz surfing has become widely known not only in the hexagon but also throughout the world. Thanks to this fame, visitors rush to this city especially during the summer holidays. Those who have been there have testified to the truth of this information. This has built an important reputation for the city of Biarritz not only at the national level but also at the international level. If you travel in this territory, this part becomes an unavoidable itinerary. You will be sure to try surfing. Besides, you will find everything you need to learn to surf. There is even a place called "surf house" in the city.

Biarritz, it's not just surfing and the sea

But although biarritz surfing is considered to be the best activity to do in this city, you can also participate in other entertainment. Indeed, the city has several interesting tourist sites rich in history as its various monuments loaded with ancient history and culture, its places of unique and unusual attractions, and so on. Biarritz is also a great place for arts of all kinds: music, painting, crafts, gastronomy and many more. All these arts highlight the history but also the local products. To better appreciate them, do not forget to make reservations of dates of travel beforehand on the websites available on the internet. Simply search the search engines to find them.

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