The best way to visit Paris

Staying in a city like Paris can be expensive, just with transportation and accommodation. The budget devoted to visits, transport and restaurants is revised downward and does not necessarily make it fun ... at first. Fortunately, Paris is full of surprises: there are many free tours, discounted transport and restaurants at attractive rates.. You can leave your hotel with left luggage and start to discover Paris. So this is the best way to visit the city.

BigBus Paris

It is always easier to have an overview. This is the plan used by BigBus Paris and Open Tour. A tourist company that offers to visit Paris via a bus. It is possible to take the pass 1 day at 32 €, not given, but this pass gives access to 4 bus lines, and can go down or climb at any time, which we can say is quite practical. So you can stop in the neighborhoods you want and then go back in one of the buses of the company chosen. You also have other pass (pass 2h, so much cheaper ...)!

It's impossible to do the 4 lines in one day unless you do it all day. Anyway the last bus is at 20:00 (21h via bigbus). It's a very nice moment to visit Paris by convertible bus. It's rather nice.

Take the time to look at where are the main monuments of Paris. You will realize that it is not that difficult to find one's bearings.

The pilots make you visit the city, will tell you small historical and offbeat stories, share his good plans (restaurants, outings) while showing you around the emblematic places of the city. In short, it can be a walk idea!

From now on, opt for means that will allow you to see Paris in 360 ° C and at a lower price. This will of course depend on your residence time.

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