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Samboat is the leading peer-to-peer boat rental and yacht charter community. Looking to rent a boat at the best prices? Samboat helps you by connects owners and renters in complete trust. Samboat offer a variety of boat.

Rental Motor boat

On SamBoat, rent a motor boat anywhere in France from 50€/day. Whether it be for fishing, coasting through for water sports or cruising, find the boat of your dreams among a wide choice of boats. From small motor boats for excursions to luxury Yachts, Samboat offers the rental of motor boats for all types of budgets and activities.

Rental Yacht

With SamBoat, a yacht charter is just a click away! Choose from the most prestigious and luxurious destinations in the world (French Riviera, Corsica, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Ibiza). We work with the best in the industry to offer you quality services at the best price. Depending on your itinerary and needs, we will find you a yacht to ensure you spend the best vacation of your life. With or without crew, a yacht rental is the solution for a vacation with family, friends, or to celebrate a Special occasion (wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party).

Charter a catamaran

You are spending your summer vacation on the seaside and you would like to charter a catamaran but you don't know who to contact. All agencies you contacted are fully booked or their prices are just too high for your budget. Do not discourage yourself or give up about your wishes.


Boat owners who want to rent out their sailboat, creating a listing on the platform is easy and takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is to upload some high-resolution pictures of the boat, indicate the price and the dates it's available and wait to receive booking requests from sailing enthusiasts around the world.

Rental Houseboat

Do you want to spend a pleasant time aboard an exceptional houseboat? Samboat offers its services of houseboat rentals for your day trips, nights at the pier, weekend with friends and river cruises. With the largest offer in houseboat rentals in France and Europe, you will find the boat that will fulfill your desires. For an owner, renting his boat has been around for ages. You will have the opportunity to sail in freedom and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Canal du Midi. For a week, a day or a simple night at the dock, Samboat offers a wide range of houseboat rentals.

But this offer was limited to a few individuals who published classifieds in trade magazines. With the Internet and the opening of site such as SamBoat, this offer is exploding. You can see more others via Samboat website.

South of France boat rentals with Samboat is a web platform available in France and all over Europe. Active since March 2014, it now offers more than 25,000 boats. It allows travelers to cross the seas and oceans aboard ships of all kinds. Customers are put in touch directly with the owners of the boats. They agree together all rental conditions, destinations to visit, activities that can be done in the open sea, the length of stay at sea etc. If you want to visit Marseille by boat or to make Marseille a starting point, you [...]

Exploring the secret perks of Ibiza

Exploring the secret perks of Ibiza
Discover Cove Salada and SaladetaWithout a doubt one of the top beaches in Ibiza to approach on a boat hire ibiza is Cala Salada, to the west of the island. It lies between pines and the waters are a simply beautiful turquoise.With its little space of golden sand, the Salada cove is never crowded, but many private boat owners decide to anchor there. For this reason and because of its surroundings, surrounded by rocks and pines, it is one of the best beaches in Ibiza. Its shallow and [...]

Renting your holiday accomodation in St Barts

Renting your holiday accomodation in St Barts
Accommodation in Saint-Barts guarantees visitors an unforgettable stay. They stand out for their warmth and the comfort they provide.Indeed, Saint-Barth abounds in a diversity of accommodation. It is easy to find good rental accommodation at low prices in Saint-Barth. There are magnificent, superbly equipped villas.But the ideal for the holidays would be to opt for the high-end services of 4-star hotels. Saint-Barth hotels have advantageous rates and special offers with the (villa st barts rental) [...]

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