Amazing holidays in Sadinia

Have you ever considered going to Sardinia for some holidays? Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean for holidays. This island that is counted among the most beautiful in the world is situated in Italy between 38°51 and 41°18 Latitude north and 8°8 and 9°50 east longitude. The island is seated between two seas which are respectively the sea of Sardinia at the west and the Tyrrhenian Sea by the east. This amazing island is full of hidden treasures including small coves and quiet –secluded bays. With the help of samboat team, you have at your disposal all the facilities in boat renting that you will ever need to help discover all the hidden and wonderful secrets of this island.

The best periods to profit from Sardinia

Sardinia is a much known island, that which makes it popular and too overcrowded during the traditional holidays months like, July and august. That is why we will recommend you other months like those going from April to June which are the best months to draw the best experience of visiting the wonderful sides of Sardinia. During these months there are lesser people and noises, so that will give you the large avenue of breathing the nice air and profiting of the very special beauty of some hidden corners on this island. While coming within these periods, you are equally spared of the rising of temperatures that often reduce the taste of your pleasurable moments, for the good weather of those months is essential and very conducive for relaxations.

Discover amazing corner in Sardinia

As you begin your holidays in Sardinia, rent the boat of your dreams through boat hire sardinia with samboat and have an overview of the place. You will surely notice La Maddalena for this is the island’s largess port and the ideal departure corner for your adventures around the island. Discover the translucent waters at only 20 minutes of port of Palau which forms an excellent paradise, you will surely have a nice time of pictures there. Anchor at the principal centres of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo and admire its beautiful bays with incredibly turquoise waters. As you are still wondering on the treasures of such a place you will be astonished as you behold just some few kilometres ahead the island of Caprera. This place is a sanctuary of beautiful and uncommon landscapes filled with fine sand beaches and pink granite rock.

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