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Just the word "star" awakens renewed attention! These are character who, thanks to their prestige, bring the dream. When we see the Cannes Film Festival, or more quietly, on television or in the movies, we ask them simply to transport us to another world. A dream world, a world that we kind of everyday life. And Stars are very familiar with the role attributed to them and are often in constant representation when they are in public. Sean Connery, in his time, made us live great moments of adventure in his film "James Bond". Or Charlie Chaplin, has marked a generation of spectators. And what about those other actors that made us live great moments in cinema, moments like : Jack Nickolson, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Michael Keaton, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Jacqueline Bisser, Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few.

But all these celebrities have not only made us vibrate in front of our screens. Their personal life is also of great interest. All they do, good or bad, challenge us. It is as if they were part of our own lives. Their antics as much as their commitment to a humanitarian cause or another, challenge us.

Their public life is part of our private lives as if we felt to live through them. And these actors and actresses know how to showcase to showcase to promote themselves and above all, to be known and recognized. And we love them even if we criticize.
And, most of all these actors or actresses in cinema offer a wide range of compositions of the funniest to more dramatic roles. They offer us the dream and that is all we ask of them, either through their public life only through their privacy.
Immerse yourself in this magical world of the cinema and the celebrities who participate in its reputation.

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